Welcome To the KIDS Strengths Resilience Map - General Information

The 'Resilience Map' is a clinical assessment instrument, which enables professionals - either within their team or together with the family itself - to assess protective (also called resilience) factors as well as stressors (vulnerabilities) for children of mentally vulnerable parents.
As well as its documentation function of the support process, this 'Resilience Map' offers the possibility of a status-quo assessment of existing resources and stressors within a family as well as an reporting and evaluation fuction of the support process.
The display format of a 'map', each with its relevant evidence-based resilience factors, allows easy and appealing planning of an intervention strategy within the team or together with the family. The documentation of the support process (in form of a report) as well as the 'Resilience Map' can be saved locally (on your own computer) or also be printed.
All personal data is subject to strict data protection conditions (username and password protected).
During the test phase of the KIDS STRENGTHS project, until the 30th of September 2011, the use of this tool is cost-free.
A not-storable DEMO-version remains freely available beyond 1st of October 2011 .

*) A free of charge demo version will be available also in future for all users. Due to data protection we kindly inform you, that all data uploaded to this demo version can be viewed and edited by other demo-users. Furthermore data within the demo versions will be deleted regularly. The demo version therefore cannot be used for the professional documentation/assessment of families.
*) Access the DEMO-version by logging in with username (your e-mail) and password as well as the access code: demo
*) Starting from 1.10.2011 all registered user accounts will be reset. For further usage of the demo-version please register again at www.strong-kids.eu.
*) From 1.10.2011 further usage of the resilience map in terms of professional support processes with families requires the payment of a service fee (to be paid one time per family). Paying this service fee entitles the user to process data concerning one family (documention, assessment, creation of the individual resilience map), without time restriction. For this purpose a license agreement between the user and S.I.N.N. needs to be concluded. For information on license pricing, bundles and order process details please contact office@sinn-evaluation.at.
*) The transfer of existing data/families towards a new license agreement is possible based on individual request.
*) Also trainings can be organised based on individual requests.

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