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Skill training to Empower Teachers, Health Professionals and Social Workers
Partners (institutional) name Kütahya Local Education Directorate
Responsible person (for the project) Filiz ARIK
Address Kütahya İl Milli Eğitim
Müdürlüğü Avrupa Birliği Eğitim Ve Gençlik Programları Ofisi
43100 Kütahya
Türkiye / Turkey
Homepage http://www.kutahyamem.gov.tr
Main area of work concerning early childhood intervention or vulnerable children Kutahya Local Education Directorate is responsible for all schools,teachers,students and education centers. Guide and Research Center is one of these centers that mainly works with children with mental disabilities and with their families.This center finds out these kind of children and the families and work with them in terms of special education and training.
Former or present other project activities Creation of online tool for intellactually disabled students in order to make them learn ICT and certificate.
What else is important and one should know about this institution All staff in education and the activities are responsible for the organisation and it is the legal authority of the province.
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