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Skill training to Empower Teachers, Health Professionals and Social Workers
Partners (institutional) name University of Prešov in Prešov
Faculty of Education
Responsible person (for the project) Ass. Prof. Milan Portík, PhD.
Address Ul. 17. novembra 1
080 01 Prešov
Homepage http://www.unipo.sk
Main area of work concerning early childhood intervention or vulnerable children The most of projects realized on Faculty of Education were oriented on children from socially disadvantaging environment or on children from roma community. They are mainly focused on adaptation of methods of education for these specific groups and on development of effective strategies of their education.
Former or present other project activities
  • Teaching orientation and pedagogical qualification of its graduates. KEGA 3/111203.
  • Development of higher cognitive functions in 3rd and 4th class of primary school in the subjects: Slovak language and Natural Science. Humanization of education. 95 – 5195 – 146.
  • Development of cognitive functions in pupils of 1st level of primary school. Creativity of education. I – 757 – 93.
  • Forms, methods and means of development of activity in pupils in 1st level of primary school. Improvement of educational process effectiveness in kindergartens, primary and secondary school. RS – II – 02.
  • Comparison of content of education in elementary level of primary school in Slovakia and USA. Current problems in education of primary school teachers. C – 46 – IV.
What else is important and one should know about this institution The Faculty of Education of the University of Presov is a public higher education institution. The Faculty provides pre-service training in the field of pre-school and primary school education (in a bachelor-degree courses), trains future pedagogical staff of school clubs, leisure time activity centres, professionals in the field of compensatory pre-school and primary school education of socially and culturally disadvantaged children, special education facilities (including facilities for the mentally disabled), health care and social care facilities, and youth correctional facilities.
This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. Furthermore this project has been funded by the Austrian ministery for education, arts and culture (BMUKK). © 2009-2022 by KIDS STRENGTHS Project
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