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entrenamiento en la habilidad para empoderar-fortalecer al profesorado, profesionales de la salud y trabajadores sociales
Nombre (institucional) de los socios Marie Curie Association
Persona responsable (del proyecto) Мария Горанова – Вълкова (Mariya Goranova – Valkova)
Dirección гр. Пловдив, бул. "Освобождение" 31, ет. 1, ап. 4
(31, "Osvobozhdenie" Blvd., fl.1. ap. 4)
Correo electrónico
Página de inicio http://www.marie-curie-bg.org
Principal área de trabajo relacionada con la intervención temrana o la vulenaribildad de niños The team of the Association has extensive knowledge of issues in relation to mentoring, informal learning, education, training and employment .Experts in different sectors are involved: management; e-learning, legislation, education and etc.
Actividades de otros proyectos pasados o actuales Marie Curie Association has managed and co-coordinated several international projects in the framework of Lifelong learning programme, Youth in Action, FP7, Phare etc. All those projects are in the field of setting – up mentoring schemes, ODL and e-learning, career guidance, prequalification, employment, laboured law consultancies, mentoring, networks of employers of disability, validation of non-formal and informal learning practices, education, and unemployment mostly for disabled people and services for independent living for elderly people, and all have had an emphasis on IT and web-resources, paper-based carriers, Sign language and Braille format. These projects involve more than 7 000 people per annum.
Qué más es importante y uno debe saber acerca de esta institución The MCA team has strong experience in development and maintaining of fully accessible online e-learning platform for more than 10 EU projects. It provides e-learning courses, chat, file storage, glossary, and possibility for communication among the users as well as organisation of online conferences.
El presente proyecto ha sido financiado con el apoyo de la Comisión Europea. Furthermore this project has been funded by the Austrian ministery for education, arts and culture (BMUKK). © 2009-2020 by KIDS STRENGTHS Project
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