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Fachliche Bildung und Empowerment für LehrerInnen, ÄrztInnen und SozialarbeiterInnen
Offizieller Name der Institution Eötvös Loránd University Faculty of Elementary and Nursery School Teachers’ Training
(Für das Projekt) verantwortliche Person Véghelyi Józsefné dr. dékánhelyettes
Adresse Kiss János altábornagy u. 40., 1126 Budapest, Hungary
Homepage http://www.tok.elte.hu
Hauptarbeitsgebiet(e) im Bezug auf Frühförderung und psychisch verletzliche Kinder The importance of early childhood experiences are highly emphasised in our training programmes. They include the topics of early prevention, child protection, keeping contact with families of various social backgrounds. Special module is offered on postgraduate level for those who would like to obtain a specialised diploma in these areas.
Andere Projektaktivitäten (laufend bzw. abgeschlossen) The institution has taken part in several national and international projects for development. In accordance with the KID’S STRENGTH project’s objectives, the participation in the national TAMOP 4.1.2 project is outstandingly important. Content: The project is aiming at creating network for research and service activities for promoting teacher training. In it 2.1.1 sub-project: The relation of families and institutional education (schools and kindergartens). In this topic the faculty is planning to formulate a research group to investigate this with the help of pedagogical and psychological methods on the various levels of institutional education. The aim of the research is:
  • to explore the relations of the educational institutes and families of various culture; views expressed by families on schools and kindergartens and on the values transmitted by them; views expressed by teachers on education in families, and their relations to institutional education.
  • Parents’ involvement in school/kindergarten education, the institutional forms of it, the role of various programmes in forming the relations, building channels for conflict management and their operation; the operational mechanism and possibilities of parents’ volunteering in school/kindergarten tasks.
Was sonst noch wichtig ist und wissenswert über die Institution ist Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) of Budapest is a university with more than 370 years old traditions. Since 2000 the previously independent College of Elementary and Nursery School Teachers’ Training has been an integral Faculty of the University. On the basis of the great tradition and achievements of the ancestor institution, the Faculty is one of the most important institutions of the Hungarian elementary and nursery school teachers’ training. The main professional profiles are the four-year elementary school teachers’ training and the three-year nursery school teachers’ training. Special qualification can be completed by the Studies of ethnic German or Serb elementary and nursery school teachers’ trainings. The Faculty offers the following additional trainings too: Studies of Youth Management and the Studies of Infants’ Care and Nursery Governess. In the academic year 2010/11 the three-year graduate training of Studies of Infants’ Care and Nursery Governess will also be introduced.
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