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Skill training to Empower Teachers, Health Professionals and Social Workers
Partners (institutional) name University of Minho
Responsible person (for the project) Ana Maria Serrano
Address Universidade do Minho
Instituto de Estudos da Criança – Campus de Gualtar
4710-057 Braga
Homepage http://www.iec.uminho.pt
Main area of work concerning early childhood intervention or vulnerable children Early Intervention
Ana Maria Serrano has been in the area of Special Education and Early intervention since 1982 and is a professor at the Institute of Child Studies, University of Minho since 1994. Coordinates a Master’s Program in Early Intervention
She participated in a one year program for preparing professionals for Early Intervention designated –"Project Prepare- Professionals Relating Effectively to Parents in At-Risk Environments" which took place at the University Affiliated Cincinnati Centre for Developmental Disabilities – Children’s Hospital, EUA. She has been publishing in journals and books and lectures nationally and internationally on issues related with EI.
Is a member of the board of National Association of Early Intervention. (ANIP). (Portugal) and of the board of Eurlyaid.
Former or present other project activities Training Professionals on Routines Based Assessment and Intervention a national Project from ANIP-Portugal.
Early Intervention Project in Madeira-Portugal
Grundtvig Project "Working with parents with intellectual disabilities" (2005-2006)
Comenius Project Early Childhood Education on Inclusive Settings (ECEIS).
What else is important and one should know about this institution The Institute of Child Studies (IEC) is a school of the University of Minho that assures the teaching, the research and other specialized services in the ambit of child studies and the preparation of early childhood educators and basic school teachers. Beyond the first Bologna cycle in child education and in basic teaching of elementary school, IEC develops the preparation of education professionals to the referred levels of teaching, and offers several specializations courses in the ambit of child studies, such as the areas of child social services and child health. IEC also offers a program in Early Intervention that prepares professionals from different disciplines (therapists, social workers, nurses, psychologists, early childhood educators) to work with children and families at-risk or with special needs.
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